Brain Friendliness

Why Brain Friendliness?

This is my third or fourth attempt at writing a blog that centers around technology augmented learning, creating and collaboration.  I think I may have found my voice this time.  I’ve noticed that the world tends to not care enough about brain friendliness…at least not as much as I do.  If you care about something that most other people don’t, you might as well write about it.  You could change it.

So, what’s brain friendliness and why do I think the world doesn’t care enough about it?  More importantly, why do I think they should?

What’s Brain Friendliness?

There are two definitions of brain friendliness that concern me:

  1. It’s the attribute of something that enables it to cater to your mind without you have to work very hard to keep up.   It makes something that is easy to learn, easy to to reason about, and easy to create with.  In my opinion, anything can be MADE into something brain friendly.  Example:  A very intuitive User Interface
  2. It refers to something that strengthens your brain and allows it to work better.  That’s important as well.  Example:  Coffee  😉

Why do I think people don’t care about it?

The reason I don’t feel that people care enough about brain friendliness is because, in my daily life, I see it ignored.  It’s ignored in the user interfaces of software.  It’s ignored in blog posts.  It’s ignored in courses I take online, and documents I read to understand a new technology.   It’s even ignored in everyday discussions and arguments people have with each other.

Why do I think they should?

People shouldn’t care about something JUST because I do.  They should require a reasonable reason to care about it.  Mine is simple.  In society, and even more so in modern society, everything is communication.  Virtually everything we do is to communicate something to someone.  If you don’t believe me look at all of the data we create on a daily basis (sometimes without our even knowing about it).  The reason for data’s existence is to communicate.  The problem is that we aren’t ready for it.  You hear people talk about augmenting the brain with technology.  We’ve done that.  We care devices for that, and they don’t really help us that much with it because we don’t know how to produce and consume data in a way that doesn’t overly tax us cognitively.  I believe that’s where brain friendliness comes into play.  What if we could all speak the same basic language no matter what our spoken language is?  That’s the end to which brain friendliness is the means.

Where to next?

Brain Friendliness is this silent thing that sits in the corner waiting to be called out and have its say.  I hope to help give it a say.  My voice won’t be the first, but it will be one of the broadest I hope.  I think that brain friendliness is limited in terms of how it’s applied.  That’s what I want to change.  I believe in technology to help with this.  I’m a software developer.  I help create technology, sometimes cutting edge.  For this, however, I’m going to start with a simple WordPress blog and see where it goes.

I’m going to explore this subject in future posts, and sometimes “show my work.”  I hope you’ll come along for the ride, and start a dialogue.  I don’t like to be the only one talking (or typing).  :-)