Will Google’s Fact Checking Have an Effect on Candidates’ Honesty and Authenticity?

I found Lifehacker‘s recent article Google Could Help You Fact Check Candidates During Debates, Will Show You Their Own Quotes very interesting news.  Now that we are firmly entrenched in information overload, a lot of work is being done by a lot of people to create algorithms to sift through this work using natural language processing, machine learning, ontological mapping and the like in order to find relevant (and hopefully reliable) information that will essentially rise to the top so that we can attend to it. This is something I’ve done a little work on in the healthcare domain. I’ll be interested to see if this type of work starts to encourage more honesty and authenticity in things like presidential debates. The candidates won’t just be debating each other. They’ll be debating algorithms. Of course, the algorithms can have intentional and unintentional bias. That should be taken into account. Fact checking isn’t usually black and white.

If there is effect, it won’t be immediate.  It will take some time for candidates to factor this into their strategy, but once they do it will be interesting to watch.

What are your thoughts?